BRIAN BRAIN – club audioprovocateur: THE WEAPON IS MUSIC

The debut album THE WEAPON IS MUSIC has dropped!
Official Release: January, 26th, 2016!

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Herbert Könighofer (vocals, piano, guitar, bass, f-flute, penny whistle, soprano sax, tenor sax, double bass clarinet, loops)
Peter Kronreif (drums, percussion)
Arno Briggman (guitar, bass, keys)
Courtney Jones (steel-pan, percussions)
Marc Osterer (trumpet)
Chris Kronreif (baritone sax)
Gernot Haslauer (trombone)
Klaus Kircher (bass)
Ali Hilzensauer (6 string bass)

> email booking@marmota-agentur.com for any infos

We are glad to announce the support of SKE/austro mechana! Thank you!




Check out one of the tracks on fm4 soundpark!

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