Sid Hille & Herbert Könighofer


Herbert Könighofer: vocs, flutes, sax, doublebass-clarinet, live-loops, a.o.
Sid Hille: Fender Rhodes, synthesizer/piano, percussion, live-loops, theremin, a.o.

the story:
They met by coincidence. In September 2016, multi-instrumentalists Sid Hille and Herbert Könighofer first toured Austria “in the shadow of the moon” (Kuun Varjossa) and presented their program oscillitaing between mystic scandinavian sounds and badass realities.

In March 2017  they were able to realize a return-visit to Finland and Estonia and performed in jazz-clubs, museums and churches in Pori, Helsinki, Tallinn, Tampere and Kokkola. Besides working as a duo, they had the opportunity to perform with other Finish and Estonian artists, such as F# with Jori Huhtala (FI) on Bass, Markus Ketola (FI) on drums, Virpi Taskila (FI) on e-violine and Lina Saar (EST), vocs. Especially their show at Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere and their stay at artist-residence Villa Eläintarha Helsinki  allowed them to work across arts genres, be it contemporary visual arts or literature. While their first Austria tour was themed with “water and moon” and the artists immersed themselves into physics, nature, lunar inspiration, surfaces and depths, and the scope between scandinavian mystics and alpine grounding, their Finland and Estonia tour 2017 was coined by an “inspirational object a day”, which they’d choose spontaneously and make the starting point for their artistic explorations.

On another Austria tour, which followed in May 2017, Sid Hille and Herbert Könighofer could pass on their enthusiasm and “playfoolness” in their approach to music with youth in a workshop in Hallein, which did not only allow them to introduce the spectrum of opportunities with their various instruments but also to explain their way of improvising, which is distinguished by listening, permittance and participation  – trainable ablities that do not only prove to be important in music, but also in other contexts of life!

In 2018, Sid Hille and Herbert Könighofer toured Finland once again, teaming up with renown artists  of F# and performing at impressive locations such as Helsinki’s Temppeliaukio Church or Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere. On this occasion, the musicians did not only make it to the ecclesiastical newspaper, they also received a > live review of their Joensuu-show (follow link for English translation, kindly translated by Jori Huhtala – even though it sounds more funky in Finnish!)

Sid Hille and Herbert Könighofer are available for duo concerts, impro-workshops, collaborations with local artists across genres, exhibition openings throughout the year upon request. Please contact


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