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Hannah Eisendle & Herbert Könighofer

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Hannah Eisendle – piano, vocs, keyboard Herbert Könighofer – double bass-clarinet, saxes, flutes, voc, bass, looper Pianist and composer Hannah Eisendle has joined the club! The reknown musician Hannah Eisendle, who is both fond of classic and contemporary pieces, has […]

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BRIAN BRAIN – club audioprovocateur LIVE ACT 2017 Herbert Könighofer (vocals, guit., bass, f-flute, soprano & tenor sax, double bass clarinet, loops) Peter Kronreif (drums) (here on the video you see Christian Stolz) Marc Osterer (trumpet) Chris Kronreif (baritone sax) […]



Multi-insrumentalist Herbert Könighofer presents his Brian Brain – club audioprovocateur programme by himself, frantically switching instruments, supported by live-loops only. An impressive one man show! references: “up the hill”- shows such as Gumpoldskirchner Veigl Hütte 2016, Fesslhütte Dürnstein 2016, fashion […]